Alumni Relation Cell:

In our journey towards achieving our goals we came across many suggestions. They had a potential to accelerate our growth many times. In fact few of them were so innovative and promising that we could safely have said that it would completely changed our outlook towards the things. But progress of a colossus like PCMRD is not one man’s job. We need many brains working synchronously towards a vision. And the best way to do it is have a common platform where all the observations, criticisms and suggestions can meet each other.

Keeping this vision in our mind we have come up with this ARC, a common platform for current and past students to know each other better, to exchange opinions, to define a path of unceasing progress.

Allumination is a port of Alumni and Illumination, our forefathers experiences, through this ARC will help us to “sustain” the years of our stay in campus blissfully.


  • Alumni Relation Cell voluntary organisation start the student of PCMRD Pune committed towards the enhancement of relationship between students and alumni of PCMRD.

  • To develop strong platform between student and alumni by arranging guest lectures, workshop on skill    development.

  • To develop interactive programmes for the association of alumni and students.

  • To discuss about invitation of alumni for guiding students about entrepreneurship development.

  • Towards being the registered Alumni Association.


ARC Events:

Panel Discussion

Discussion about various current affairs relating to PCMRD and Alumni efforts and committee tasks to be done. The Panel will be suggesting new ideas to be implemented for PCMRD and committee members.

Mock Interviews

“Mock Interviews” is a new event catering to the students sitting for placement. Having gone through the process at least once, an alumnus can very well imagine what a student in the final year goes through, from preparation for the resume, aptitude tests and finally, the interview. In many cases, students crumble to the pressure and perform far lower than their true potential, probably because of the nervousness and under-preparation for the interview.

So now an alumnus will be on the other side of the table and give valuable insight to the current students from the eyes of an interviewer, and how a particular response creates an image about a candidate.

Alumni Blog

Alumni Blog will include all the updates for the PCMRDians relating to Alumni committee and events undertaken by the committee.

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