campus life

Oratory Club:

With the objective of improving the communication skills and to develop the art of public speaking in a formal and eloquent manner, PCMRD has established Oratory Club in the year 2014-15.
Under this the students are motivated to research, and come out with different dimensions to a particular topic. Post this, interactive sessions are conducted resulting in improvement in their presentation, confidence and vocabulary. The main focus is to help them to overcome their inhibitions and to convey their ideas in front of a people in a structured and clear way. These activities are conducted throughout the year in all the semesters.


  • To improve the communication skills of the students

  • To develop the art of public speaking in a formal and eloquent manner

  • To boost confidence, critical thinking and improve overall personality

  • To develop the vocabulary and fluency in speech

  • To be a good listener

  • To open up the opportunities of career advancement

  • To explore new perspectives which are not covered otherwise

  • To make students active and autonomous learners

  • To improve class interaction and participation

  • To advance the research aptitude of the students


Activities conducted under the aegis of Oratory Club include the following:

  • Movie review

  • Book Review

  • Collage Presentations

  • Case study competition

  • Debate competition

  • Group Discussion

  • Declamation Contest

  • Budget Analysis


PCMRD Community Development Cell (PCDC):

In line with our vision of providing value centered management education, PCMRD encourages its students to contribute to social causes. PCMRD partnered with Rotaract club of Kothrud, Pune to deliver this initiative. RC-CMRD (Rotaract Club – Centre for Management Research and Development) was established on 20th October 2007.

RC-CMRD identified four distinct streams under which programmes were undertaken:


  • Club Service

  • Community Service

  • Professional Development

  • International Service

Significant activities carried out by RC-PCMRD included:


  • Blood Donation Camp

  • Tree Plantation

  • Village Adoption

  • Nirmalya Kalash Project

  • Cleaning Drives

  • No-Cracker Diwali

  • Polio Campaign

  • Road Traffic Safety Campaign

The Nirmalya Kalash project was carried out during the Ganesh Festival wherein Puneites were encouraged by our students to deposit all the waste in one place instead of dumping it into the dams /rivers.

In 2015-16, PCMRD established the in-house PCMRD Community Development Cell (PCDC). The objective of PCDC is to produce socially conscious management graduates. It provides a platform for students to conceptualize, initiate and organize activities related to social issues and community development. Various programmes are organized by and for students to elevate their awareness about social issues and turn them into socially responsible citizens. The activities conducted under the aegis of PCDC are:


  • Blood Donation Camp

  • Orphanage Visit

  • Hill Cleaning Activity

  • Road Traffic Safety Awareness Campaign

  • Wildlife Awareness Drive

  • Tree Plantation



ED Cell – Swayam

To inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students, PCMRD had established Entrepreneurship Development Cell named “Swayam” on 1st September 2012. It was inaugurated by Mr. Ramakant Khalap, Ex-Deputy Chief Minister of Goa and Ex- Law Minister, Govt. of India.

“SWAYAM” ...The Strength Within, helps students in achieving their entrepreneurial dream though Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.

The main objectives of ED Cell are:


  • To promote and encourage entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

  • To impart training to help students to hone their entrepreneurial skills.

  • To provide students, a platform for interaction with Entrepreneurs

The ED Cell committee comprises of Director, Faculty Coordinator, President-ED Cell (Student), Vice President (Student) and core committee of students.

Entrepreneurship brings together the entire gamut of management skills and hones them to a keen edge. An entrepreneur is the embodiment of a skilled management practitioner. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell celebrates entrepreneurs and the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is a forum that enhances the overall knowledge base of the students by going well beyond the prescribed curriculum. People who have taken the entrepreneurship road provide firsthand knowledge to students about the pleasures and pitfalls of owning their own business, and how best to manage it for success.

ED Cell organizes various activities like Guest sessions, Seminars, Workshops, B-Plan competitions, Company Formation, Panel discussions and Movie screening.



Cultural cell – Rangmanch

Students have to be versatile. Only academic progress is not sufficient for the students. To develop their all-round personality, participation of students in different extracurricular activities including cultural activities is also necessary. To foster the participation of students in various cultural activities, this Cultural Cell “Rangmanch” has been formed. Rangmanch of PCMRD works with great enthusiasm. The students participate in many cultural events like traditional day, mismatch day, twin’s day, group matching day, singing, dance drama etc. Continuous encouragement and necessary guidance is provided to the students to participate in various activities. This cell helps in boosting the Inter-personal skills like Leadership, Time Management, Organizing Ability etc. of the students.