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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Twins Day:

The cultural cell of PCMRD “Rangmanch” had organized Twins Day on 28 th January 2020 for

the students of MBA. The idea was to have a complete matching from top to bottom of twins.

They were judged on the basis of the number of matchings, their creativity and co-ordination.

The winners were Ms Anjali and Ms Geetanjali from MBA seniors and Ms. Mayuri and Pradnya

from MBA juniors.

Corporate Day:

Business attire has changed significantly over the years. Corporate dressing refers to the art of dressing formally and correctly. It helps an individual to dress according to his work profile and organization culture. Formal dressing, if done correctly goes a long way in shaping one’s

personality. Considering this PCMRD had organized Corporate day for its MBA students on

Wednesday 29 th February 2020. The winners were Ms. Pradnya Gorde from MBA 1 st year and runner-up was Ms Apurva Mane from MBA 2 nd year. This event helped the students understand the importance of corporate dressing. As Dress code makes an individual disciplined and inculcates a sense of team spirit among employees.

Video Making Competition:

This year PCMRD introduced a new event for its students ‘Video making competition’. The aim was to bring out the creativity and out of the box thinking of our students. The videos were judged on the parameters like Creativity, Technical Execution, Ability to influence audience and the Wow Factor. The winners were Mahesh Giri from MBA II who made a video of Shivaji Raje. This video was liked by all because it was well put together, nicely framed and flowed smoothly. The runner up was Prathamesh Kshirsgar for his RAP Video. What really pushed this video making competition was the great thumbs up by the audience at the end.

Traditional Day:

People without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without

roots.” – Marcus Garvey.

Traditional Day at PCMRD was celebrated with great gusto and enthusiasm on Thursday 6 th

February 2020. The students came fully clad in their traditional, ethnic dress. Their attire

collectively displayed an array of colors that reflected the diversity of India.

The winners of this day were Madhavi Doifode from MBA second year who was in the attire of

Jijau and Shubham Gawade from MBA first Year. The program was a great success and it definitely strengthened the bonds among the students of MBA and created respect for ethnic and racial diversity in India.

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