Cultural Week

Corporate Day on 8th February 2016

Corporate dressing helps one develop a magnetic personality which attracts other individuals.

In order to inculcate a good and healthy culture at the workplace, PCMRD had organized A Corporate Day on 8th February 2016 for the students of MBA. The cultural week began with the celebration of Corporate day.

Winners: Miss Rubina Pathan MBA 2nd Year & Mr. Shubham Ghusale MBA 2nd Year.

Mismatch Day on 9/2/2016

Mismatch Day is a new category but many Classical students dressed up for fun, in wild colors, with mismatched sneakers, backwards pants, and a lot more. Cultural Week seemed to be putting a smile on everyone’s faces !!

Mismatch Day provided an enjoyable and lighthearted atmosphere for the students. This day is a fun reminder to our students that no matter how we look or dress and despite our differences, we are all part of the same nurturing community.”

The winners were- Ms Sandhya Katageri MBA Ist year

Ms Nikita Magaji MBA 2nd year

Traditional Day on 10th February 2016

Traditional day a very significant fixture in a management institute. Common daily attire among the students of a management institute are the trouser and shirt among boys, and the salwar-kameez among girls. And most institutes have a cosmopolitan crowd consisting of students from across various Indian states, and hence across distinct cultures. Traditional Day is a day designated for these students to come in traditional attire from their home state, or specific culture of their choice. It is observed as a celebration of India’s diverse culture. The response was simply amazing with nearly 90% of the students and the staff turning up in traditional attires, representing different cultures. It was a welcome change for all the PCMRDians who looked wonderful in the colourful sarees, sherwanis, kurtas, etc.

Lunch was arranged by the institute as an appreciation towards the efforts taken by the students all round the year. The day concluded with the prize distribution of traditional day- Rubina Pathan MBA 2nd Year student, and Siddhivinayak Thorat MBA 1st Year Student were the winners of the Traditional Day. The director also felicitated the students who were winners in various extracurricular events organized by other management institutes in Pune city.

Twins Day on 11/2/2016

The idea was to have a complete matching from top to bottom of twins.

The students represented various types of twins ie twins going on a one day trip, cowboys, corporate twins etc.

It was a good learning experience as well as lot of fun for the students.

The winners were Shubham Nakod, Shrikant Borse & Rupali Kale, Vaishali Tayde.

Bollywood Day 12th Feb 2016

Picking a Bollywood favorite from the 50s to the 90s is nearly impossible. But the students managed to dress-up like the bollywood characters. We had a student dressing up like Deepika Padukone from Yeh jawani hai deewni, Kashibai Peshwe from Bajirao Mastani, Bharat Jadhav from a famous Marathi play Sahi Re Sahi, Salman Khan from the song Oh Oh Jane Jana, Nana Patekar from the movie Natasamrat, Ritesh Deshmukh from Lai Bhari, to name a few.

The winners were: (Kashibai – Bajirao Mastani) Miss Neha Bhadale, & (Nana Patekar-Natasamrat) Sangameshwar Killarikar.

There was an overwhelming response from the students….

Rose and Chocolate Day 13th feb 2016

Roses are the indication of love, friendship, peace, cheerfulness etc and are given to each other to express their feelings. With the warm feelings and heartily wishes the whole environment becomes full of sweet fragrance and freshness of the coloured roses. On this day everybody be it young, old single, couple welcome this event with a big enthusiasm and joy.

Each chocolate is like a portion of life,

Some are crunchy, some are nutty,

Some are soft, but all are delicious.

The students who received more number of dedications for Roses were declared as ROSE KING & ROSE QUEEN, similarly for chocolates CHOCOLATE KING & CHOCOLATE QUEEN.

In all, it was a great success and it definitely strengthened the bonds among the PCMRDians

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