Guest Lecture A guest lecture was organized on 22 February 2020.Ms.Preeti Jain is associated with Oracle Financial services Software. She dealt with the topic De-Escalate; an Escalation Management operations.

Ms.Jain explained how to deal with incidents of customer dissatisfaction , within a organizational system ensuring problems get resolved and issues are addressed at the right level at the right time , as it need to be addressed very seriously. Escalation management is widely used in IT service management. A system to handle customer complaints is popularly known as Escalation Matrix that navigates customer complaints gradually to higher levels with due considerations at each level.

Ms.Preeti explained the whole process that works behind customer complaints. Carefully created escalations processes ensure unresolved problems are promptly addressed without drawn out in stagnant stage. The first goal of the escalation management process is to restore a normal service operation as quickly as possible and to minimize the impact on business operations ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability is maintained.

She also talked about significant five step procedure of customer escalation management. Ms. Preeti Jain conducted caselets of escalation management at the end of session. The students were acquainted with the latest concept of customer objection and complaint handling methods used in industry.

Ms. Priya Sonowane of MBA First year student gave a vote of thanks, referring to Ms.Preeti Jain as she explained precisely about the Escalation management.

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