Guest Lecture

Ms.Prajakta Bhivpathaki (M.B.A.,Marketing ,International Business ) is General Manager of

Everest Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.Pune.

Ms.Prajakta Bhivpathaki discussed important aspects of Entrepreneurship and self-

empowerment. She explained the importance of Entrepreneurship and exemplified few

examples of young entrepreneurs who are at the top most position in their field. Innovation in

business ideas and startup is the essence of the economic development. New ideas create new products and services leading to entrepreneurs’ prosperity and at the same time upliftment of the society.

However, to be a successful entrepreneur one has to have self empowerment. And this self-

empowerment can be achieved only by following few principles in life at the young age.

Ms Prajakta insisted upon proved principles to follow such as, to make things happen, one has to step out of the history. She narrated a story of Oprah Winfrey about how she had a struggle in her life and then how she could reach at the pinnacle of success. She has also revealed novel ideas of successful Businessman Mr.Mukesh Ambani , how his ambitious business plans are in line to counter foreign dominance in Indian market.

Coming to students’ career, Ms Bhivpathaki explained the points of self empowerment. In order to be successful in life the students must follow some principles. They must be courageous to step out of their past so that they can live their dreams. Most of the people think that they should have abundant of wealth in a very short time. But prosperity is not money in possession but exists in the required ideas in mind. If a mind thinks in that way prosperity always prevails.

Ms.Prajakta Bhivapathaki also suggested students to know themselves better than anyone else. They should hold a power within them. They must not get distracted by any adverse situation.

Apart from this Ms.Prajakta covered the aspects such as self-confidence, self-esteem,

understanding and recognizing their own feelings.

Reading books is a powerful source of updated knowledge and wisdom. She suggested to read good books as and when the time permits.

Ms.Bhivpathaki also informed to be surrounded with positive people and not to forget old friends when they make new ones.

Other’s good work should be appreciated and should have gratitude towards them.

Meditation does wonders in improving self-image and more positive outlook towards the life.

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