Guest Lecture

Mr Rajendra S.Pardeshi

Transformational Mind Shift Coach and International Trainer

Dr.Vikhe Patil Foundation’s Pravara Centre for Management Research and Development organized the first ever Online Guest Lecture on Challenges and Opportunities Post-Covid-19 Start up and Job Scenario on 26th May 2020.

Mr. Rajendra S. Pardeshi explicated richly about opportunities after the Lockdown. He meticulously explained about whether the lockdown is only an adversity or opportunity. He clarified that to seize the opportunities one must be prepared mentally. He revealed that looking at the situations positively, keeping a growth mindset, consistent actions and being flexible is the key to success in the current situation. There may be possibility that an entrepreneur or job aspirant will have to take efforts 10 times more as that was needed prior to lockdown. When there is a right positive mindset and when actions are taken proactively then there will be positive results. Some results will be as expected some won’t. The challenge is to keep moving forward and not stopping. It is about reviewing what is working and what is not working. Another important point is to wait for some time to see results as in case of Football match. In these matches it takes 90 minutes to decide a result.

Mr.Rajendra insisted upon to make an action plan consisting of changing to a positive mindset, taking actions , looking for freelancing work in the initial stage if feasible, taking full responsibility and writing business ideas . He addressed all the questions pertaining to practical challenges post covid-19, start up and job opportunities and issues in various field.

It was encouraging session for the students to be prepared for the forthcoming business scenario.

Ms.Janhavi Tamhankar summed up the season regarding the points covered by Mr.Rajendra Pardeshiandextended vote of thanks on behalf of PCMRD.

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