Guest Lecture - Opportunities and Challenges in Entrepreneurship

The lecture was conducted by Dr. Imran Patel, Director- R & D, Cian Healthcare Pvt.


He is Post Graduate in Herbal Medicine, (BAMS & MD) along with Masters in Pharmaceutical Technology (MBA). He also holds Foreign Trade Diploma from Prestigious IMC Mumbai and Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Production and Chemistry (PGD-PPC).

It was organized on 13 th February 2020. Mr.Imran addressed the importance and opportunities in entrepreneurship. More than ever before, many youngsters are opting for entrepreneurship in their professional career. He clarified that there are many advantages in having an own start up . One can be a sole decision maker and these decisions can take him or her to new heights. These decisions can be regarding working days, leaves, hiring, projects and products. An entrepreneur can develop a team that he can genuinely enjoy as it makes work experience ten times better.

He insisted on not to work in the area where they don’t have an interest rather to work in

the field where they have a passion. There are many entrepreneurship opportunities where one can put his soul with full dedication. Social media is available to have an abundant of information. Product or services are also can be advertised from wherein it reaches to large number of people. He informed that there are large number entrepreneurs who have experienced an exponential growth in their businesses and many opportunities in selling products, offering services and multi level marketing.

The session was concluded with the vote of thanks by Ms.Samiksha Jagtap ; a student

of MBA First year.

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