Industrial visit to Parag Milk Foods Pvt Ltd.

“Logic can take you from point A to B, but practical knowledge can take you beyond


To give justice to the above saying, on 1 st Oct. 2019 a group of 40 students of PCRD got an

opportunity to explore a well-known Indian dairy company Parag milk foods Pvt. Ltd. The

main motive behind the industrial visit was to let student know things practically through

interaction, working methods and employment practices. Moreover, it was an attempt to give

exposure to industry from academic point of view where students can relate theoretical

concepts to practical business operations.

Parag milk foods Pvt. Ltd manufactures, markets and sells milk and milk products. The

company is India’s second largest producer of cheese under its brand "Go" and the country's largest producer of cow ghee under its brand "Govardhan" along with many other milk


Coordinator of Parag milk foods Pvt. Ltd took students though their different cheese making

processes, which included information about soft wares used, the separation of whey and

cheese by the machines and then the final packaging. They have also taken our students to

their “Bhagyalaxmi Dairy” farm, there students got to know that why is "Pride of Cow Milk"

is so different than other milk brands produced by more than 2000 cows pampered with

highly mechanized machines.

Overall the visit to Parag milk foods Pvt. Ltd was very informative and enlightened PCMRD

students about the operations of dairy industry.

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