18 MAY 2020

To inculcate research aptitude, PCMRD has been offering elective course – Industry

Analysis and Desk Research (IADR) to MBA I Semester II students. Under this,

students are expected to analyse various dimensions of the industry selected for the

study. They are:

  • Nature of the industry, players in the industry, market share of top three companies and their branding strategies.

  • Profile of distinguished top management personnel, CMD/CEO.

  • CSR activities of the companies under consideration.

  • Controlling ministry and/or regulatory authority, its objectives, functions, its role in the industry, etc.

  • Environmental issues affecting the industry.

  • Financial performance of the company by analyzing the ratios – to comment about its short term, long term and profitability position.

  • Technological advancements, if any.

  • Recent mergers and acquisitions.

  • Global issues affecting the industry.

This year fifteen groups were formed to analyse the above mentioned aspects. They


1. IT industry

2. Telecommunication sector

3. Tyre manufacturing industry

4. Dairy industry

5. Airline industry

6. Life insurance industry

7. Automobile (four wheeler) industry

8. Banking industry

9. Tractor industry

10. Retail sectors

11. Electronic goods industry

12. Petroleum industry

13. Automobile (two - wheeler) industry

14. Iron & steel industry

15. Cement industry

Onset of Covid-19 hampered all the supervision work related to reports. To avoid

academic loss, Dr. Divya Lakhani, Project Guide, carried out all the academic

activities through virtual modes. Emails and phone calls ensured that the process of

guiding the students about the intricacies of the project went on unhindered.

The viva –voce – marks the culmination of research work. Under normal

circumstances, a presentation is given by the group of students in front of the

examiner, following by a Question –Answer round. However, the prevalent Covid-19

crisis, delayed the conduct of presentation due to lockdown all over India.

To overcome this issue, Dr. Manoj Narwade, Director, PCMRD, motivated the team

to go online for the same. For the first time in PCMRD, Viva –voce was conducted

online thru Google Duo & Whatsapp on 18 May 2020. An overwhelming response

was received from the students and viva-voce was successfully conducted for

around 10 groups. It was an enriching experience for the students to be able to

connect with their batch mates and faculty and appear for the viva-voce.

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