LAKSHYA 2019-20 Case Study

LAKSHYA 2019 – 20

Case Study

27 January 2020

Solving a Case study is an art as well as a science. There are numerous facets to

the case, and no one particular solution for it. Hence it becomes pertinent for all

the students to know what is expected whilst analyzing it.

The Case Study Competition was held on 27 th January 2020. Dr. Shubhada Sabade,

an eminent economics scholar, freelance writer for various newspapers was invited

as the judge for the event.

The ‘Organizational Behaviour’ case focused on ‘Cultural Issues/Concept’. The

parameters of evaluation were – Content of the case (Analysis, Diagnosis and

Prescription), Presentation Skills and Justification to Questions.

Four teams consisting of two students each presented their views on the case. Dr.

Shubhada Sabade concluded the session by sharing some insights on the case and

commending the excellent presentation by the students.

Winner Mr. Dharmesh Ojha

Mr. Debjyoti Karmakar

Runner Up Ms. Samiksha Jagtap

Ms. Sanyoni Jain

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