Mismatch Day

7th February 2015

The institute wanted the students to try REALLY hard to clash in every way possible. Stripes! Plaids! Polka dots! Any kind of clashing fun one can imagine.

Students had fun picking out and wearing the most horrible outfits one can come up with and wear it proudly. After all, it’s the PCMRD cultural Spirit Week!

Being dressed in mismatch is not necessarily being dressed “FUNNILY” but yeah it is being dressed “UNCONVENTIONALLY”, “CREATIVELY”, “INNOVATIVELY”

So here’s what the students did:

1) A color mismatch…wore the brightest, dullest, wackiest of colors that one wouldn’t ever wear. Colors that don’t match, orange shirt-purple pant…

2) Wore ethnic traditional wear over half of their body and something westernized over the other half. A fusion with a traditional top and any casual pant below is a mismatch. Its trendy nowadays, but its a mismatch. A dhoti with a formal shirt and a tie.

3) They Made utmost use of their belts, scarves- belt around the forehead / neck. Use of scarf to hold the pants, bandanas on formal wear, ties over a t-shirt etc.

The participants were judged on the total number of combinations in which they could mis-match their clothes, accessories etc. they were also judged on their creativity and the confidence in carrying the outfit.

The Prizes were given at the hand of the Director Dr. Manoj Narwade.

The winners were Shubham Ghusale MBA 1st Year and Sampada Bhoite MBA 2nd Year.

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