Selling Skills Workshop

Resource person: Mr. Abhijit Said, Entrepreneur, Re-StoreMatic


After this session, the participant should be able to:

  • Define salesmanship and why it is important?

  • Explain the value of relationships in selling.

  • Differentiate retail and wholesale selling.

  • Use a variety of communication techniques in selling.

  • Recognize customer responses. Know the steps in closing a sale.

The workshop on selling and negotiation skills was conducted by Mr. Abhijhit Said, Owner, Re-StoreMatic. As selling has evolved, successful salespeople have upgraded their skills and abilities to become more consultative and value-oriented. 

This Selling Skills workshop focused on the skills needed to sell effectively in today’s business environment, such as varying one’s selling style for different customers and highlighting value rather than price. 

Mr. Abhijit Said, led the participants to understand how to sell more effectively to existing customers and the different approach needed to win new business prospects.

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